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7 Foods For Your Brain

1. Salmon

Fish is known to be very high in essential fatty acids, such as omega-3, which is great for our brain. Although many types of fish are good for you, salmon is particularly known to be good for the brain.

Farm-raised salmon is not quite as good as wild salmon, since the fish are fed regularly and aren't raised in a rugged environment (survival of the fittest), which naturally ensures only the highest quality fish. Some farm raised salmon even have color additives to make the fish seem more orange.

Another good thing about salmon is that it isn't subject to mercury, which can be found in ocean fish. For these reasons, wild salmon is preferred over all other types of fish.

2. Blueberries
Due to their vitamins and antioxidants, berries are very good for your health in general. Blueberries are particularly good for the brain, since they are high in omega-3. Studies have shown that blueberries prevent mental decline, short-term memory loss, and even cancer.

You can eat a cup of blueberries raw, or mix them with your whole grain cereal which adds flavor. Unsweetened blueberry juice is also an option, although expensive.

Strawberries and blackberries are also healthy for the brain.

3. Walnuts
Ironically shaped like the human brain itself, walnuts are very high in omega-3 and are 15-20% protein. Walnuts are known to help mood disorders and naturally increase serotonin levels which can help with depression.

Other brain-healthy nuts are almonds and cashews.

4. Coffee
Coffee beans have high levels of antioxidants, vitamins, and amino acids, all of which are good for the brain. Coffee is known to help avoid mental decline and Alzheimer's.

According to Harvard Medical Research, one cup of coffee per day does not have any negative effects on health, even though it contains caffeine. The caffeine acts as a stimulant which gives gives you mental alertness for a limited period of time.

Despite the diuretic effect of caffeine, the nutritional value of coffee makes it one of the best brain foods available. Make an effort to avoid sugar and additives as much as possible.

5. Dark Chocolate
Natural dark chocolate has a higher percentage of cacao than most of the chocolate treats you see in grocery stores. It's known to be good for the brain and helpful to your mood as well.

Mr. Healthy recommends chocolate that is 75% cacao or higher. If you wanna get serious about the positive effects of chocolate, you can get 100% non-alkalized cocoa powder and mix it into your milk or coffee.

6. Eggs
At only about 70 calories each, eggs pack a powerful punch for the brain. Eggs contain choline, which is a critical component of brain mass. Choline is known to aid in concentration and the firing of neurons in the brain.

7. Avocados
Avocados contain healthy, monosaturated fat. This helps with blood pressure and blood flow, and is thus healthy for the brain. The potassium in avocados is essential to mental function and nerve impulses.

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