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Health Facts and Tips

healthy cereal
How to Decorate Your Breakfast Cereal

Instead of having your ordinary cheerios and milk, try adding these extra ingredients to really liven up your breakfast.

Potatoes: Good or Bad?

We've all heard good and bad things about eating potatoes. This article explains why only certain kinds of people should be eating them.

glass of milk
The Dark Side Of Dairy

We've all heard that that "Milk does a body good". Why not just load up on milk then? Read this article to find out what the milk commercials don't tell you.

diet pills
The Truth About Diet Pills

Diet Pills seem like the ultimate shortcut to losing weight. But do they really work or are they just a scam?

protein foods
23 Foods for High Protein

Here are 23 of the healthiest foods you can eat for a high-protein diet.

fat man
5 Tips for Rapid Weight Loss

Have you ever needed to drop a few pounds in a short time period? With these 5 tips, you can rapidly lose weight without starving yourself.

Benefits of the Banana

Bananas have many great health benefits. This article explains why it's always good to have bananas in your diet.

Human Brain
7 Foods For Your Brain

Here are 7 simple foods that keep your brain sharp and healthy.

alcohol brain
Alcohol Shrinks Your Brain

While alcohol has been proven to have some positive effects on the body, a new study reveals the price tag - a shrinking brain.

Why is Breakfast so important?

You've probably heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but do you know why?

Do different types of calories matter?

Whether you're getting your calories from carbs or fat, read this article to understand how your body handles it.

vegetable juice
The Power of Juicing

If you're not juicing fruits and vegetables each day, you're missing out.

Mr. Healthy's Diet Guidelines

Basic Guidelines For Mr. Healthy's Diet

whole grain bread
Switching to Whole Grain

Mr. Healthy recommends that all white flour products in your diet be substituted with whole grain.

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canned tuna

Canned Tuna is 88% protein

Jelly Donut

The jelly donut is one of the most offensive foods ever created.

cup of coffee

1 cup of coffee per day is actually good for you.