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Switching to Whole Grain

Mr. Healthy recommends that all white bread and flour products in your diet be substituted with 'whole grain', or 'whole wheat' instead.

Here's why: To create white flour, there is a milling process. This causes many vitamins, minerals, and nutrients to be lost. What's left over is only the the white, carb-rich center of the wheat.

White bread, for example, digests very quickly and gives you a quick surge of blood sugar, known as glucose. This is followed by a steep decline, which leaves you tired and hungry again. If you've ever eaten a baloney and cheese sandwich on white bread and then felt tired and fat afterwards, you know exactly what I'm talking about.

Whole grain, on the other hand, digests slowly and keeps your glucose levels steady as it digests. Meanwhile, you're getting a ton of nutrients and minerals that you don't get with white flour.

The simple switch to whole grain should also apply to rice and cereal. Choose brown rice instead of white rice, and buy whole grain cereal instead of other cereals. Also, eliminate any floury, sugary pastries from your diet, like donuts and pie.

The simple switch from flour to whole grain could make a huge difference in your weight, how you feel, and your overall health.

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