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How to choose a Juicer

There are basically two main things you should be looking for in a juicer, aside from the price.

Does it have a pulp chute?

The most important thing is that it has a chute for all the pulp to be thrown into. Otherwise you'll have your hands deep in pulp every time you clean it.

With a chute, you can even put a plastic bag inside of it to collect the pulp...and then you don't even have to wash the chute at all.

What's the RPM?

The next thing is to look at the RPM of the juicer, and choose one that has a lower RPM (rotations per minute). Allegedly, high RPM juicers generate heat which destroy enzymes in the juice as it is grinding away. The high RPM juicers actually require little to no hand pressure, and might be convenient for the elderly. Generally, high RPM juicers will be avoided by health nuts who don't mind pressing down a little for the best juice.

I've tried the high RPM juicers and they also create a lot of foam, so they usually come with a plastic cup that has a foam extractor built into it. It's just another piece of plastic to wash.

If I had to recommend a juicer to someone, it would be the Jack Lalanne model.

I'm going to review a few models now:

Jack Lalanne Juicer (great)

This is the juicer that I personally use, which is currently a steal for around $99. You can get one on eBay or anywhere online. It runs at a wonderfully low 3600 RPM, and I've never had any problems with it. I juice up to twice a day sometimes, and I'm still using the original blade without even using the replacement blade. The entire thing cleans in about two minutes if you're quick. It's quiet compared to other juicers, and it has a drip free spout which is nice. It does require a lock to tighten the blade, but it's still it's very quick and easy to get to.

Breville® Juice Fountain® Plus (good)

A close friend of mine purchased this one while we were out, and she is very happy with it. It does have a pulp chute, and it costs about $150, roughly. It runs at 13,000 RPM which is almost triple what the Lalanne does, so that might not be a good thing. At least it has a chute!

Breville BJE200XL Juice Fountain Compact (not good)

This is an example of a juicer you DON'T want because it has no chute for the pulp! I bought my parents this high RPM juicer for about $79, and all the pulp collects inside the juicer and it's a lot of work to keep it clean. It's very powerful and loud, and it drips when you pull the cup away.

Regardless of everything you've read here, make sure to do your homework because there are other features that juicers have. I pointed out the features that I personally feel are the most important. The rest is for you to decide.

Good luck!

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