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Drinking, partying, and staying healthy?

While it's certainly better to stay away from mass amounts of alcohol, many people drink heavily on a regular basis. Alcohol affects all your organs and dehydrates you while it robs your body of vitamins and minerals.

Is it possible to stay healthy?

Mr. Healthy recommends that you aren't having more than one drink per day, for middle-aged or older adults. If you're younger, it's better for your body to stay away from alcohol altogether.

However, we understand that being sober every night is just not acceptable to the lifestyle of many people, especially at parties and social gatherings.

So if you visit the bar or party every now and then, you should use the following defensive tactics which will help you look and stay healthy in the long run:

When the night is over:

  • Drink lots of water or juice

  • Take Vitamin B and C. Having a multi-vitamin works fine.

  • Moisturize your face, especially around the eyes.

  • Avoid pain relievers that have caffeine. They will dehydrate you even more.

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