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The Ugly Truth About Marijuana

stoner  stoner

Disclaimer: This is not an article about morals or whether I think marijuana should be legal or illegal. As much as I don't care for it, I'm not saying it should be illegal for people to do what they want, if it doesn't harm others.

And personally, I feel that what people choose to do to themselves in their private life is nobody's business but their own, and certainly not the business of the government. Since this is a health site, I won't go into that.

I'm also not writing this to offend marijuana users, but to inform people of some important observations of my own.

Everything comes with a price

This article isn't anything like that ridiculous Reefer Madness movie they used to show kids in the 70's. I'm simply going to tell you what the average pot smoker won't tell you while sitting around the campfire with pipe in hand...or sitting around the house watching television, which is far more likely.

Not everyone that smokes weed has a serious problem, but we just have to understand that everything comes at a price, therefore we should know what the price is beforehand.

Just like alcohol and fast food, marijuana does have many harmful effects. I'm not just talking about physical effects though. Marijuana can kill your aspirations and motivation, and thus sabotage your entire life without you even realizing it.

I'm sure that most people know at least one person, if not more, that is a chronic pot smoker. These days, it seems like anyone could be doing it: Your next door neighbor, your cousin, your uncle, your parents, your kid, anyone.

Some do it to relieve anxiety, and some do it to relieve pain. But I'm not referring to them, and I'm also not talking about the guy who does it once a decade on his birthday and then forgets about it, nor am I referring to anyone who tried it a few times way back in their college days and claims that they didn't inhale.

I'm talking about the guy who does it every day, every other day, or every week. It's part of his lifestyle. It's his daily or weekly ritual.

Marijuana is an easy way for anyone to sabotage their success.

It's very rare that you see a successful and coherent marijuana user who really has his act together. And I can guarantee you that the few smokers who are sharp, would be even sharper if they didn't smoke dope. I get occasional angry emails (mostly from college students) who try and refute my claim that marijuana is mind-altering. Much like anything else that you put in your body, it IS mind altering.

By the way, have you ever taken inventory of the characteristics of those who regularly smoke pot? I'm not saying they're bad people or anything like that, but have you noticed anything about their life? Their memory? How about their levels of motivation? Does anyone know anyone who regularly smokes pot and is successful?

These people are far and few, with the exception of artists, celebrities, or the nutty rich guy who lives a completely different lifestyle than most people can afford.

Now I'm going to address some common arguments that the dazed and confused crowd often uses to brainwash others into thinking that dope is a good thing.

"Marijuana is alright because it's all natural!"

This means nothing. You're still firing up a substance that turns into smoke, and sucking it into your lungs. Last time I checked, the sucking of smoke into your lungs is not good for your lungs. Doesn't the burning feeling tell you something? The human body is not naturally designed to be smoking anything.

And what about the dizzying effect of being high? You can't tell me that isn't affecting your brain.

If being a 'natural substance' was the only prerequisite for putting something in our body, we might as well go around eating turds, which are also very natural.

"Weed is harmless because you can't overdose and die from it!"

Once again, this doesn't say much. Just because you can't overdose and die from something doesn't mean it's good for your brain. You also can't overdose from cheeseburgers, but they're not good for your health either.

"Marijuana users are peaceful people!"

This is often a subject that is brought up which has absolutely nothing to do with the conversation at hand. It only goes to show you that some pot smokers are often so clueless that they aren't able to stay on topic. Sure, weed smokers aren't usually violent people.

"What's that got to do with your memory loss though? Oh wait, did you forget already?"

"But Alcohol is just as bad!"

This article isn't about alcohol, but yes - alcohol is also mind-altering too, and can be very abusive to the body.

"Mr. Healthy, you're a judgmental snob, and you have something against potheads!"

Snob? Because I speak the truth about marijuana being a demotivator that affects memory? Give me a break.

I have nothing against potheads. This is absolutely not true. Some of my best friends have been doing it for years, and I see people doing it all the time who are some of the nicest people imaginable. However I'm not going to pretend that it's harmless to your life when I know it isn't. I've been around it for a decades, which is plenty of time to realize what it does, who's usually doing it, and what the long term results are.

"It's all about moderation, dude. Anything in moderation is alright."

I suppose that if you hardly ever do it, you won't be affected like the ones that do it frequently. That's just common sense. I can have a chocolate chip cookie once in a while, but if I were to live a "chocolate chip lifestyle", then I could expect to get fat and develop diabetes some day. Weed comes with a price as well. Did you think that being high and feeling that good has no price tag? Who are we kidding here?

As far as moderation goes, that's just a gray area.

Look around for yourself.

I encourage you to look around at people who have smoked pot for a long time or do it on a regular basis.

Do you seem to notice that they typically don't have much going on in their life? Why do you think this is? They'll often admit to short-term memory loss, and the fact that weed causes them to lose motivation.

Instead of being productive and looking for a job, or doing something meaningful, I'm sure that it's left many people laying around on the couch all day eating potato chips in front of the television. Yes, there are many exceptions, and I'm NOT referring to college kids who are 'doing so well in school' and that they smoke weed all the time.

I suppose if you're retired and live on a beach somewhere, and don't have any more goals in life, then smoking weed would be a great compliment to your relaxed lifestyle. For most people who are still ambitious though, weed is just another obstacle in the path of success.

I once knew a 20 year old who had smoked so much pot in his teens, that he could no longer articulate himself and complete a sentence. Sadly, he was fired from his deli job on the first day, because he could not memorize several items on the menu.


If you were an employer, do you think it's riskier to hire a pot smoker to work for you? How dependable do you think he probably is, compared to someone else? If you lent money to a pothead, what is the likelihood that you'll ever see that money again? If

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