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Eat Healthy While Traveling!

Guest Post by Sean M.
Don’t let something as fun as travel be a roadblock to your healthy lifestyle. It can be difficult to eat healthy when traveling. What with all the sugary snacks and with nearly all foods in restaurants cooked in vegetable oil it’s tough to find anything healthy.

Lots of folks enjoy the safe bet, and will opt for a salad. This is great; however, the problem then becomes what to use for dressing. Almost all restaurants use dressings that are loaded with high fructose corn syrup (aka SUGAR!)

You can bring your own olive oil and vinegar to use in the airport, on the flight or at your destination. A big question; how do you get it onto the plane? You can empty out a mini booze bottle (1.7 oz/ 50 ml) and then fill it with whatever liquids you want.

Vinnie Tortorich suggested this to his guest on his Podcast in this episode (I’ll provide this link and links everywhere for the final draft).

Why not carry your liquids in style with a Flight Flask? A Flight Flask is a liquor flask (that can hold non-liquor too) that is 3.4 oz, 100 ml. It is the perfect size to obey TSA rules. You can bring as many of them as can fit into a quart size reclosable plastic bag. The folks at Useful Merch were able to fit 7.

Suppose you want to eat more than just olive oil, vinegar and other liquids. With a little pre-planning you can not only eat healthy but save a small fortune. All of the restaurants in airports know they have you captive and they’ll charge you more than they could if you were outside the airport and could walk or drive somewhere less expensive. The following foods also travel REALLY well and can be preserved in a small insulated lunch bag with your choice of reusable ice block/ ice bag product: Olives, Cold cuts; such as salami, ham, turkey

Hard cheeses such as; parmesan, reggiano or gruyere
Hard boiled eggs (peel them at home and put them in a ziploc bag. They won’t keep as long w/o being cold, but trust me, when you don’t want to make a mess your egg will not cooperate and be messy).

We hope this helps. Remember, it is more difficult to be prepared, but it’s doable and worth it.

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