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Mr. Healthy's Lean Chicken Fajita


  • lean chicken breast

  • colorful bell peppers

  • 100% whole wheat or 100% whole grain tortillas
    (no exceptions)

  • olive oil

  • any seasoning of your choice
    (basil, seasoning salt, etc.)

Put some olive oil in the frying pan and add the sliced peppers. If your chicken is frozen, you may put it on at the same time.

Chicken and Bell Peppers

Cook it on medium so you don't get any burned pieces of food. Add a little bit of seasoning, but make sure you don't put on too much since we're trying to keep this a low-sodium meal.

Chicken and Peppers in Pan

When the chicken is tender and the peppers are cooked, pour everything onto a separate plate. Test it out to see if it needs more seasoning. Once again, be careful not to overdo it with sodium.

Chicken and Bell Peppers

At this point, the bottom of the pan should still be greasy from the olive oil. Go ahead and put a couple tortillas onto the frying pan on top of each other to heat them up. Flip them around a little. You can make them crispy but be sure there are no burn marks.

Tortilla in frying pan

Final step - Put the chicken and bell peppers onto the tortilla and now you've got your fajitas.

Chicken Fajita on Dish

Important: If you add anything else, like sour cream or cheese, you're potentially sabotaging the recipe by adding more calories than intended.

Chicken Fajita Folded on Dish

Enjoy your meal.

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